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Underground Drainage

SunLife Gutters & Homes provides top of the line services for all of your home exterior needs. We specialize in helping you find the right underground drainage for your home and are dedicated to providing you with the perfect solution.

French Drain

Underground Drainage is a great way to protect your home from water damage. It acts as a barrier between the foundation of your home and water runoff, allowing water to be directed away from your house. The difference between an underground drain and a French drain is that a French drain is an open-air perforated system that allows water to enter the pipe throughout the entire system, while an underground drain is an enclosed system that only has designated points of entry.

Underground drainage systems provide efficient removal of surface water and help to protect your home from flooding and erosion. A underground drain collects water from a specific area and directs it away from your home, while a french drain is an underground trench filled with gravel or rock that allows all ground water to enter the pipe.

French Drain
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